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What is a Static project?

Static projects are the second type of projects in Sitecloud and it is mainly oriented for developers. Because sometimes web developers want a complete freedom to develop and choose completely the tech stack they consider the best to deliver a highly tailored experience to their users, Sitecloud can host any type of static sites - Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Hexo, etc... - embracing the Jamstack:

First step is to install the Sitecloud CLI:

npm install -g @sitecloud/cli

Next you will need to sign in to Sitecloud, or sign up if you don't have an account yet. Execute the next command and a new browser window will open up asking for your credentials.

sc login

At this point you are ready to deploy any website. Go to any of your directory projects, build it and execute this command to deploy your website:

sc sites publish

After finishing successfully, your new project will show up in the Sitecloud dashboard but you can also list from the command line all of your projects and their URLs:

sc sites ls
✔ Listing sites:
demo (