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Sitecloud is a hosting solution for websites and frontend applications, aiming to cover all needs for building landing pages, web portals or complex web applications.

The current state of web developments is divided between no-code applications like web builders or complex hosting platform for tech-savvy people. Sitecloud is not limited but such an artificial division, making it the perfect solution where content editors, marketers and developers can collaborate.

For content editors#

To this date, content editors have required a developer to build a custom template for their websites or use collections of pre-made templates which are hard to edit and keep them up to date, same issues usually arise around plugins and hosting services.

Sitecloud Studio projects follows a different approach where websites can be easily build using a drag and drop visual tool and edited with a few clicks. It delivers a pre-made list of generic components which can be arranged by content editors or web designers, but it also allows developers to create custom components using React, opening endless customizations and integrations with other platforms.

For marketers#

In a typical scenario, marketers want to edit copywriting or images of landing pages to announce new products or make A/B testing for marketing strategies. With current trends on web development, some of the best websites are built by developers using frameworks like Gatsby or NextJS, which are great solutions to create and tailor unique experiences for users, but marketers and developers need to collaborate constantly even to make small modifications which create miscommunication issues and unncessary frictions.

Studio projects in Sitecloud help to deliver highly tailored experiencies to users, enabling developers to highly customize components and allowing marketers to easily edit all the aspects of such components.

For developers#

Developers do not want feel tied up to a platform because they love the creative process of creating web experiencies and web applications with the frameworks of their choice. That is why Sitecloud is also a hosting service not only for React components - yes, you read that correctly, for components - but also fully hosted applications developed with static frameworks like Gatsby, Hugo or Hexo.

Static projects in Sitecloud can be developed in any sort of static framework, we deliver a easy to use CLI which will help developers to publish websites or new React components for marketers and content editors.